October 4, 2023

Factors affecting the price of auxiliary electric heater

With the rapid development of the auxiliary electric heater in the market, Weihai central air-proofable electric heater summarizes the factors affecting the price of auxiliary electric heater: 1, manufacturers Factors Auxiliary electric heaterThe manufacture requires qualification and technical strength and third-party monitoring. The manufacturers need to invest a large amount of human material financial resources to maintain technology and qualifications, and they also have patent personal heater declarations, and increase investment, which affects the price of the product.2, production cost Different prices for product materials are different.The floating of material itself is also a major factor affecting product prices.3, after-sales factors Perfect after-sales service is a major backing of the development of the product.It is also necessary to invest a lot of money maintenance.Therefore, after-sales factors have also become a major factor affecting the price of electric auxiliary heater products.