May 24, 2024

Hardware Stamping Density Tester

Hardware Stamping Density Tester – Casting Steel Black Comparison

The stamping parts are applied to the plate, strip, pipes, and profiles, etc. Plastic deformation or separation is produced, thereby obtaining a molding processing method of workpiece (stamping parts) required for shape and size.

Instruments use Aki according to the standard specification of ASTM D792, ASTM D297, GB / T1033, GB / T2951, GB / T3850, GB / T533, HG4-1468, JIS K6268, ISO 2781, ISO 1183 … Mi Di Principle Foot Force, Accurate, Direct Reading Measurement Value. Widely used in metal materials, hardware tools, mechanical parts, die castings, forging, powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, graphite carbon brush, precious metal detection, rubber, plastic, college research institute and other density assay. Technical parameters: Model: KW-120E Sample Range range: 0.001G-120G Sheet Metal Stamping Density Measurement range: 0.0001 g / cm3-99.9999 g / cm3 Screen display: Blue backlight liquid crystal display Test type: solid, particle, Block, floating body Operation step: 1 weight).

2, place the sample to be tested into the water, and then press the \”Enter\” key to remember the water (the weight of the sample in the water). The density couption directly displays the specific gravity of the sample sample. Press the \”F\” button to display the specific gravity and volume of the samples measured.

The density gauge simultaneously complies with GB-T 3850-2015 dense sintered metallic material and a hard alloy density measurement method, which is based on single chip microcomputer and Aqui Mide buoyancy. The measuring method of solid density of irregular shape is not dissolved, and completed the design and supporting software programming of the density instrument, and the weighing data and measurement results of the density gauge are given. The density instrument has high intelligent, low power consumption, saves A / D converter, and automatically displays density values.

The density is the most important basic data of metal metallurgical materials, which has great impact on their physical and mechanical properties. When determining density with drainage, pay attention to the exclusion system and accidental error, especially pay attention to the impact of bubbles and holes, otherwise the calculated density value will be high, the result is not true, the opening is more, immersed in water The more it is, the bigger the deviation.